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Feb 23, 2017

Inaugural Prize for OxCD3 Investigator

The inaugural Clotten Foundation Prize 2015 has been awarded to Prof. Terry Rabbitts for “discoveries on human antibody genes leading to therapeutic antibodies and discoveries on chromosomal translocations in cancer leading to novel therapeutic approaches”. Professor Rabbitts is an investigator with OxCD3 work package 3 working on Shock Wave Delivery of Antibody Fragements.

The Foundation will award a prize every two years to an established scientist who has contributed in a unique way to the understanding and the treatment of cancer with particular emphasis on children. The Clotten Foundation was founded in 1994 following the day of death of Dr. Annemarie Clotten who bequeathed an endowment to establish the organization. The Clotten Foundation aims to support cancer research that particularly benefits children with malignancies. 

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